Free SERVER CCCAM for today 2016/8/8

Free  SERVER CCCAM  for today 2016/8/8

    Peace, mercy and blessings be upon Alla
    Servers offer you #CCCAM beinshot opens most of the Arab and international packages and high quality
    And free for our visitors Karim

    Terms benefit from the IRC server
    Not to use more than Yoezer
    Not to re-broadcast
    And anyone who violates the conditions will be attended by the IRC server
    the conditions :

    * Follow-up server and express your opinion in which
    * Do not re-broadcast
    * Respect for laws
    * Use an image server
    * Do not watch porn channels

    We wait for you and give you the experience we have seen it

    The data is changed while the pressure on the server

    500 user 

    Host :

    Port : 12007


    شرح تحميل السيرفر من هنـــا

    Explanation Server Load from here
    Beware of losing your server

    Permanent IRC server to God wills

    In the last wish you pleasure and benefit, and God willing, we have fulfilled our duty 
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God


    مشاهدة ممتعة

                                                    لمن يرغب بالإشتراك  يضغط هنا
                                                   اعــادة الــبــث = حظر الايبي
                                                  ....... المتابعة تعني الاستمرارية .........
                                                 لا تستعملوه فيما يغضب الله
                                             المرجو التفاعل معنا لنستمر معكم دائما

      بي إن شوت

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